(Daily prayer follows after this short introduction)

What kind of prayers does God listen to?

Prayers for strength...requests for good health... for healing... for a happy marriage... help for a loved one... help for your finances... for a better life...a stable life...a peaceful life... to save your relationship...find someone special for you...to deal with any personal problem... help you with your fears... your anxieties...your loneliness...help you control your emotions (such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, apathy, depression...etc.)...your disappointments...addictions (whether it's drugs, alcoholism, obsessive spending...etc.)...??

What if I were to tell you that He listens to none of that, would it shock you or even surprise you?

I hope not.

First, God listens to your heartfelt desire to communicate with Him because you love Him as your Father; words without faithful love for Him mean nothing...so speaking to God because you want something for yourself means nothing...

Secondly, when you love God, you don't "pray" to Him, like some kind of formality...communicate with Him as someone you genuinely love...

This is what Daily Communication Prayer to God is all about; to teach you how to communicate with the Lord the way he wants to hear from you...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A new year has come, and I am grateful for the past year...

I thank you Lord for a good year, full of increase and some fulfilled promises;
I must say Lord that although my gratitude is sincere for all that you have done for me so far, I am not looking at things with the right mindset yet.

I see the new year cloudy at best...

I am uncertain about the future;
I feel slightly under threat of upcoming unknown circumstances;
Of surprises that I don't necessarily care to experience;
Of other people who are not of your Spirit Lord, living the natural life as I stand and watch the sordid spectacle before me;
Of others who self-glorify themselves when life goes well for them, and then sulk and complain when it does not.
Hypocrites who pretend they are your friend, and then turn their back at you.

It's a general sense of not knowing what to expect in my life...

And I really don't like it;
It distresses me;
It makes me angry;
Makes me panic;
Makes me become resentful;
It makes me feel like you are dangling blessings at me...some I can reach for, and some that are far out of my reach.

I know that the Evil One in this world is manipulating my circumstances so that I lose my contact with you Lord...

Satan will use the situations in my life to affect me;
He knows what sets me off-course;
What can take away my attention from you Lord;
He knows what will take me away from you Father.

(See Satan's secret weapons against you...)

Still Father, I will rely on you (even though I feel that you are limiting my increase for some reason)...

So that I will not be with hypocrites;
I will not associate with deceitful people;
Or any evildoers;
I simply hate to be with any of them.

I'm done with that, and I just want to dwell in your house Lord...

Where I can bathe in your Spirit of forgiveness;
To cleanse my heart;
To be rid of all my enemies Father by your Hand on which I rely on;
To sit at your porch Father and sense your security and supernatural protection;
And to give you my joy of being in-touch with you ;
And to continue to relay my heartfelt thanks for having being with me all the days of my life, since my birth...to remind myself of all the good things you have done for me Father.

I simply enjoy dwelling in your house...

That's where I find your glory;
Where I get my supply of blessings;
My anointing;
Your closeness to me;
Your development-plans for me;
To evolve to where you want me to be Lord.

I have seen your works in me Lord over the years (after I was reborn back to you)...

I like what I received from you Father;
I wish to hold onto you;
You are one person I want to covet Lord, keep close to my heart at all times.

So in this daily communication prayer, I reach out to you as one who is thirsty...

Keep me away from sinner Lord;
From the ambitious and bloodthirsty;
From the deceitful;
From those who pretend to be friends but only for their own personal advancement;
From their schemes of self-glory.

I voluntarily stand on firm ground Lord...

To remain unshaken because you are my Rock Father;
I will stand by you because I rely on you;
I trust in you;
Like David, I will confound and confuse my enemies, defeat my challenges;
To doubt themselves and their pride, their ego;
To stand before me and feel ashamed;
To see them fall in defeat for feeling they are gods themselves.

As for me, I will from this day lead a blameless life, as steadfast as I can be with your help...

To shine bright as a lamp on a lampstand, and illuminate the darkness;
To express joy and understanding in all that I meet up with.

And I will watch Lord as you strike down those who will tempt to derail me from you...

Striking down those who pre-judge me;
Striking down those who wish to instill intentional conflict in me;
Striking down those who are already disconnected from you Lord;
Striking down anyone who stands between me and you Lord, and my journey you intended for me.

In spite of all my uncertainties Father, I remain dedicated to my communications with you...

Hope you feel the same...

Thanks Lord.

(from GM Evagrius)