(Daily prayer follows after this short introduction)

What kind of prayers does God listen to?

Prayers for strength...requests for good health... for healing... for a happy marriage... help for a loved one... help for your finances... for a better life...a stable life...a peaceful life... to save your relationship...find someone special for you...to deal with any personal problem... help you with your fears... your anxieties...your loneliness...help you control your emotions (such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, apathy, depression...etc.)...your disappointments...addictions (whether it's drugs, alcoholism, obsessive spending...etc.)...??

What if I were to tell you that He listens to none of that, would it shock you or even surprise you?

I hope not.

First, God listens to your heartfelt desire to communicate with Him because you love Him as your Father; words without faithful love for Him mean nothing...so speaking to God because you want something for yourself means nothing...

Secondly, when you love God, you don't "pray" to Him, like some kind of formality...communicate with Him as someone you genuinely love...

This is what Daily Communication Prayer to God is all about; to teach you how to communicate with the Lord the way he wants to hear from you...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Father, Lord God,

I've come to realize something important today...about you Father, and about me...

But first...

Yesterday I mentioned how I know that your Spirit and life-force is in everything...

It's in the air;
It's in the animals;
It's in the insects;
It's in rocks;
It's in the water;
It's in the fire;
It's in me;
It's in us;
It's in everything that exists.

I know this now...

Right down to the atoms and molecules that exist in this universe...the living and the inert...

Your life-force is in all Father.

If I only thought about the wonder of the world...

It's vastness;
It's magnitude;
It's powerful presence;
It's untamed nature (if we don't subdue it);
It's reclaiming nature (take back what we have claimed);
It's danger;
It's beauty...

Then I come to realize another angle of your own nature Father:

You are a provider;
You are a resource-giver;
You are a life-supporter;
You are a challenge-giver;
You are a goals-generator;
You are a wisdom-dispenser;
You are a solution-provider;
You are a saver;
You are a teacher...

(now back to what I realized...)

But there is one thing you are not...

Of all the things that you are, there is ONE thing you are not:

You are not forceful;
You don't want worship from the point of a gun;
No coercion-prayer...

You wait patiently for us to make contact with you...

You don't force it;
You let life happen;
You let good and bad happen;
You let people make choices;
You leave people alone...

But there is one thing that you do Father in all of us...

The one thing that we cannot avoid;
We cannot ignore, even if we try;
Even if some don't believe in you;
Or simply ignore you...

This is what I mean:

You are in us...
You are in me...
You are in all.

As much as anyone tries to deny this one single fact...

No one can deny the inner feeling that there is something out there;
Something inside of me beckoning me toward the beyond;
A link to something;
An inner signal;
A feeling;
A wanting to reach out.

It is you Father.

You want contact from me, and with every one of us...

You want us all to tune-in to you...get in touch with you.

Actually, you see that your seed within us is working all over the world...peoples and cultures trying to make contact...different religions...

But the Evil One is always trying to keep us away from staying in-touch with you Lord...

(Satan works behind the scenes...find out how, and boost your faith...)

Yet more and more of us Lord are turning to you in grateful and heartfelt communication...mainly because of this feeling that is within us...

Some follow the feeling and search for the ultimate contact...

Some ignore it as some kind a psychological glitch...

I say that you are inviting me Lord, an invitation implanted in me since I was born...to discover during my life journey, and to pursue it as part of your plan for my salvation and blessings...

And with Jesus my mentor and savior, I find that my communications to you is wide open...Father, it is so easy...

I just reach out with my heart to you Father...

Thank You Lord!

(GM Evagrius)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You know something Father?

Without you Lord, I am just ordinary...

Life and its splendor becomes boring;
All the tv, computers, pleasures are only temporary;
All become meaningless after a while.

It's great to have all the pleasures of the world, the modern advancements...

But it becomes boring eventually;
It ruins your character;
You become delusional;
You can become arrogant;
Can do immoral things;
You can cheat;
Some will even do some kind of harm big or small (example: big, like Hitler...small, like lying to your loved one)...any harm is not good at any level...

Without you in my life Father, everything becomes a bore.

The Evil One, Satan, wants me disconnected from you Lord...

To disconnect all of us and fall into the addiction of the natural life without any regard for you Father.

(Satan's real weapons against you exposed here and now...)

But you have helped me Lord...

I have detected Satan's plot;
I know what he is using against me;
How he does it;
And I understand it.

So today I am letting you know Father that I do understand what's up...

I want to continue to appreciate the gift of life that you gave me Lord;
To remain grateful for the opportunity to take on the challenges responsibly and in victory;
To be thankful for letting my inner self be amazed with your creation (this universe).

I like taking moments where I can gather myself up, quiet my mind...

And to look at the big picture as I see it;
The reality of this life;
To gaze at the quiet splendor (I like the word 'splendor');
(here I go again...) The splendor of your natural creation.

It inspires in me to reach out to you with my heart...

To be in-touch with you Lord;
To be connected with you Father God;
To be aligned with your Spirit Lord;
To sense my joyous spiritual relationship with you God.

I am not perfect Father...I have imperfections...

I worry;
I stress;
I am insecure;
I am envious;
I can hate;
I can be indifferent;
I can be cold-hearted;
Get angry.

But what I do now Father is that I am accountable for my actions...

I have accepted that...

But I know where my inner strength comes from now Lord...

You are my glory and strength;
It's your strength that strengthens me.

Part of you Father vibrates in all the things that exist...

In everything that is created;
Right down to its atoms and molecules;
All that moves and is alive;
All that is by nature inert (like rocks, etc);
The gravity and the void of space...

All of it is yours Father...

Your existence retains and preserves the function of all...

Your power keeps it all together...

Every cell that lives depends on you keeping them working...

This is why I turn to you Father and seek, ask, knock for your blessings and favor in my life...

And to fashion me in your image so that I can live the healthy, happy, and prosperous life.

Thank you Lord.

(GM Evagrius)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Father God,

As I proceed into today's journey...

I will declare immediately in my daily communication prayer to you Lord...

That I am hooked-up to you;
My mind is tuned-in to you;
My bandwidth is focused on your frequency;
I stand still and listen for you.

I stand upon your solid rock Lord that you have set up for me...

And I remain tuned in;
I wait in anticipation for that which I seek;
For that which I need;
For that which is necessary for my soul Father;
That I receive your favor;
Receive the blessings;
The promises you have set aside for me.

I know that the Evil One would love to have me dragged away from you,, separated and out of contact with you Father...

The Evil One, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer plotting his schemes against me to see if I can be disconnected from you Lord...

(See Satan in action against you with his ultimate weapons he secretly unleashes...)

But as I wake up in the morning and go through my daily routine;
I also send out to you my signal;
My signal to make contact with you;
I log in to you Lord;
Get connected;
Get in touch.

Jesus showed how to do it effortlessly Lord, without complications...

I reach out and touch your face Lord, like a child with his father;
I sit next to you on your porch, feeling safe and secure;
If I'm in any trouble, I speak to you Father;
If some circumstance challenges me I speak to you about it Father;
If there is a conflict, I turn to you for help Father.

I know that by dwelling in your house, in the security of your presence...

That no evil will overtake me;
No evil intention from anyone shall overcome me;
No malice from anyone will touch me.

But I know that you Lord will defend me...

My enemies (including Satan) will be vanquished;
Payback with a heavy hand from you Father, protector of your children in Christ;
The ignorant have no regard for you Lord, the wonder of your works, the wonderful things you have created for us.

I will keep my heart tuned-in to you Father...

You do hear me;
You feel my heart;
My communication prayer from the heart;
And that's why you've been my protector and my spiritual shield.

This is why I place my trust in you...

Even though sometimes I doubt;
Even sometimes I sense you betray me;
Even sometimes I get angry at you.

Even then, I place my trust in you, and ask that you help me with my doubts.

One thing is for sure:

When my mind is genuinely in-touch with you, I feel tremendous joy...even when I work, play, and face challenges;
Because you are my strength and my fortress;
You bless me and save me Lord...

You Lord are my Shepherd...

Thank You Lord.

(from GM Evagrius)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Father God,

My mind is awake in your Word this morning Lord...

I sense the words that describe your promises to me Father;
Words like "increase" and "stability;"
"Staying strong in Spirit" and "triumphant;"
"Unwavering" and "unswerving."

That all the challenges poised to set off against me today are already defeated...

Your promise to keep me under your protection is in process now Lord.

I am already being lifted above and beyond the reach of all my enemies that surround me...

Out of reach of harm's way;
Distant from any thought, word, or deed that can cause sorrow;
Away from anything that is meant to disconnect me from you Lord.

Although the Evil One is trying to set up plots today through various circumstances that can steer me away from you Lord, I shall remain in your fortress...

I will utter the words of victory that you have instructed me to say within me;
To state my joy of being in-touch with you Lord;
To the sorrow I deliver to those who seek my destruction by standing firm with you Father.

(Satan is secretly plotting against you right now...see how he does it in this free book...)

I have detected Lord the enemy and his plots...

I have detected his plans against all of us...

The Evil One is using all the resources to make us all collapse in conflict of some kind...to be forever trapped in our own weaknesses...

Be they sorrowful situations;
Be they pleasurable;
Be they addictive...

All done for the sake of separating us from you Father.

But in my daily prayer communication with you Father, I know that I must reach out to you...

I need to utter the words of love at you;
I need to activate my communication to you;
State my intention to you;
To seek;
To ask;
To knock at your door.
The way my mentor Jesus showed me...in simple, uncomplicated fashion.

And so I am doing it Lord: I am seeking you, asking you, knocking at your door Father...

As a child who seeks out his father;
As one who turns to his mentor;
To his trusted friend...

To someone who I know will not turn his back on me, but will help me.

I seek you out Father, so don't turn away from me my Lord Savior...

The world may turn from me;
Even someone close to me can forsake me;
But I know Father that you will hold on to me;
Cut open a straight path for me without obstacles;
Push away my oppressors and plotters;
Flush away their plots of self glory at my expense;
Crumble them from their own sheer weight of evil in their hearts.

As I remember the victories we have shared in the past Father, righteous victories...

As I recall the inspiring victories you gave to Moses, David, Jacob, and others who followed you Lord...

I stand confident that I will also continue to see your goodness.

So I remain hopeful and in expectation to see your awesome deeds in my life too Father...

So that I too can continuously sing joyfully the victory Lord that you have demonstrated throughout the ages...

And I do this in your glory and gratitude for all you have done for me (and what you will do for me) Lord Father God.

Thank you.

(from GM Evagrius)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good Morning Lord!

Since I was reborn to your love Father...

You've been my bright and shining light;
My Saviour and protector;
And through Jesus my mentor and my doorway to you, I am saved.
I feel that you Father are the fortress of my life, my protective vault that nothing can penetrate.
That my spirit is in contact with you Lord.

So I shouldn't be afraid of anything...

No situation;
No complicated circumstance;
No person;

Being tuned-in to you Father automatically should make me feel safe.

And yet Father, I feel uncertain and insecure at times...circumstances surrounding me that affect me inwardly and outwardly...

I feel that you are not protecting me entirely;
That the wicked are advancing against me;
They seek their own glory by stepping on my own;
They march forward in brash pride and self-imposed superiority;
I am experiencing setbacks as I receive your blessings...as if I'm in a spiritual stalemate.

The Evil One, Satan is trying very hard to cast doubts in my heart Father, to disconnect me from you and your promised blessings for me...

(See Satan's secret plot against you...)

Yet you say Lord that I should stay in trust with you...

That you will help clear my path;
Set my mindset to thinking clearly;
Helping to stay in contact with you;
Prioritize my relationship-communication with you Lord.

And when I do settle my mind Father, that you are with me, together...

All my negative situations are removed;
Any enemies (be they circumstances, people, inner conflicts...) stumble and fall;
And that I remain confident as I witness the dissolving of all my negative situations;
All thanks and gratitude to you Father.

In my daily communication prayer to you Father today, I declare:

That I seek out to remain with you in constant contact as I go living my journey here on earth;
Linked in to you, dwelling in your domain Father;
To gaze in your glory and the beauty of life, not the ugliness of it.

And when trouble comes (whatever the situation)...

I should know as a foregone conclusion that you are keeping me safe Father;
That I can remain with you, safely knowing with confidence that you are taking care of my situations;
That I stand on solid ground when I am with you Lord.

Thank You Father God.

(from GM Evagrius)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A new year has come, and I am grateful for the past year...

I thank you Lord for a good year, full of increase and some fulfilled promises;
I must say Lord that although my gratitude is sincere for all that you have done for me so far, I am not looking at things with the right mindset yet.

I see the new year cloudy at best...

I am uncertain about the future;
I feel slightly under threat of upcoming unknown circumstances;
Of surprises that I don't necessarily care to experience;
Of other people who are not of your Spirit Lord, living the natural life as I stand and watch the sordid spectacle before me;
Of others who self-glorify themselves when life goes well for them, and then sulk and complain when it does not.
Hypocrites who pretend they are your friend, and then turn their back at you.

It's a general sense of not knowing what to expect in my life...

And I really don't like it;
It distresses me;
It makes me angry;
Makes me panic;
Makes me become resentful;
It makes me feel like you are dangling blessings at me...some I can reach for, and some that are far out of my reach.

I know that the Evil One in this world is manipulating my circumstances so that I lose my contact with you Lord...

Satan will use the situations in my life to affect me;
He knows what sets me off-course;
What can take away my attention from you Lord;
He knows what will take me away from you Father.

(See Satan's secret weapons against you...)

Still Father, I will rely on you (even though I feel that you are limiting my increase for some reason)...

So that I will not be with hypocrites;
I will not associate with deceitful people;
Or any evildoers;
I simply hate to be with any of them.

I'm done with that, and I just want to dwell in your house Lord...

Where I can bathe in your Spirit of forgiveness;
To cleanse my heart;
To be rid of all my enemies Father by your Hand on which I rely on;
To sit at your porch Father and sense your security and supernatural protection;
And to give you my joy of being in-touch with you ;
And to continue to relay my heartfelt thanks for having being with me all the days of my life, since my birth...to remind myself of all the good things you have done for me Father.

I simply enjoy dwelling in your house...

That's where I find your glory;
Where I get my supply of blessings;
My anointing;
Your closeness to me;
Your development-plans for me;
To evolve to where you want me to be Lord.

I have seen your works in me Lord over the years (after I was reborn back to you)...

I like what I received from you Father;
I wish to hold onto you;
You are one person I want to covet Lord, keep close to my heart at all times.

So in this daily communication prayer, I reach out to you as one who is thirsty...

Keep me away from sinner Lord;
From the ambitious and bloodthirsty;
From the deceitful;
From those who pretend to be friends but only for their own personal advancement;
From their schemes of self-glory.

I voluntarily stand on firm ground Lord...

To remain unshaken because you are my Rock Father;
I will stand by you because I rely on you;
I trust in you;
Like David, I will confound and confuse my enemies, defeat my challenges;
To doubt themselves and their pride, their ego;
To stand before me and feel ashamed;
To see them fall in defeat for feeling they are gods themselves.

As for me, I will from this day lead a blameless life, as steadfast as I can be with your help...

To shine bright as a lamp on a lampstand, and illuminate the darkness;
To express joy and understanding in all that I meet up with.

And I will watch Lord as you strike down those who will tempt to derail me from you...

Striking down those who pre-judge me;
Striking down those who wish to instill intentional conflict in me;
Striking down those who are already disconnected from you Lord;
Striking down anyone who stands between me and you Lord, and my journey you intended for me.

In spite of all my uncertainties Father, I remain dedicated to my communications with you...

Hope you feel the same...

Thanks Lord.

(from GM Evagrius)