(Daily prayer follows after this short introduction)

What kind of prayers does God listen to?

Prayers for strength...requests for good health... for healing... for a happy marriage... help for a loved one... help for your finances... for a better life...a stable life...a peaceful life... to save your relationship...find someone special for you...to deal with any personal problem... help you with your fears... your anxieties...your loneliness...help you control your emotions (such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, apathy, depression...etc.)...your disappointments...addictions (whether it's drugs, alcoholism, obsessive spending...etc.)...??

What if I were to tell you that He listens to none of that, would it shock you or even surprise you?

I hope not.

First, God listens to your heartfelt desire to communicate with Him because you love Him as your Father; words without faithful love for Him mean nothing...so speaking to God because you want something for yourself means nothing...

Secondly, when you love God, you don't "pray" to Him, like some kind of formality...communicate with Him as someone you genuinely love...

This is what Daily Communication Prayer to God is all about; to teach you how to communicate with the Lord the way he wants to hear from you...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Father God,

As I proceed into today's journey...

I will declare immediately in my daily communication prayer to you Lord...

That I am hooked-up to you;
My mind is tuned-in to you;
My bandwidth is focused on your frequency;
I stand still and listen for you.

I stand upon your solid rock Lord that you have set up for me...

And I remain tuned in;
I wait in anticipation for that which I seek;
For that which I need;
For that which is necessary for my soul Father;
That I receive your favor;
Receive the blessings;
The promises you have set aside for me.

I know that the Evil One would love to have me dragged away from you,, separated and out of contact with you Father...

The Evil One, Satan, the Devil, Lucifer plotting his schemes against me to see if I can be disconnected from you Lord...

(See Satan in action against you with his ultimate weapons he secretly unleashes...)

But as I wake up in the morning and go through my daily routine;
I also send out to you my signal;
My signal to make contact with you;
I log in to you Lord;
Get connected;
Get in touch.

Jesus showed how to do it effortlessly Lord, without complications...

I reach out and touch your face Lord, like a child with his father;
I sit next to you on your porch, feeling safe and secure;
If I'm in any trouble, I speak to you Father;
If some circumstance challenges me I speak to you about it Father;
If there is a conflict, I turn to you for help Father.

I know that by dwelling in your house, in the security of your presence...

That no evil will overtake me;
No evil intention from anyone shall overcome me;
No malice from anyone will touch me.

But I know that you Lord will defend me...

My enemies (including Satan) will be vanquished;
Payback with a heavy hand from you Father, protector of your children in Christ;
The ignorant have no regard for you Lord, the wonder of your works, the wonderful things you have created for us.

I will keep my heart tuned-in to you Father...

You do hear me;
You feel my heart;
My communication prayer from the heart;
And that's why you've been my protector and my spiritual shield.

This is why I place my trust in you...

Even though sometimes I doubt;
Even sometimes I sense you betray me;
Even sometimes I get angry at you.

Even then, I place my trust in you, and ask that you help me with my doubts.

One thing is for sure:

When my mind is genuinely in-touch with you, I feel tremendous joy...even when I work, play, and face challenges;
Because you are my strength and my fortress;
You bless me and save me Lord...

You Lord are my Shepherd...

Thank You Lord.

(from GM Evagrius)