(Daily prayer follows after this short introduction)

What kind of prayers does God listen to?

Prayers for strength...requests for good health... for healing... for a happy marriage... help for a loved one... help for your finances... for a better life...a stable life...a peaceful life... to save your relationship...find someone special for you...to deal with any personal problem... help you with your fears... your anxieties...your loneliness...help you control your emotions (such as anger, hate, jealousy, envy, apathy, depression...etc.)...your disappointments...addictions (whether it's drugs, alcoholism, obsessive spending...etc.)...??

What if I were to tell you that He listens to none of that, would it shock you or even surprise you?

I hope not.

First, God listens to your heartfelt desire to communicate with Him because you love Him as your Father; words without faithful love for Him mean nothing...so speaking to God because you want something for yourself means nothing...

Secondly, when you love God, you don't "pray" to Him, like some kind of formality...communicate with Him as someone you genuinely love...

This is what Daily Communication Prayer to God is all about; to teach you how to communicate with the Lord the way he wants to hear from you...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Introduction (just a small one)

Let's start our communication to God the way He really wants us to.

Let's make it personal.

Let's communicate as if God stood in front of us right now.

How would you talk to God if he stood in front you right now (or if he was sitting on the couch next to you, or sitting across the dining table, or across from your desk at work...)?

As an authority figure, you'd probably talk to Him with a bit of apprehension, not sure if He is actually going to listen to you, right?

After all, He is God, and you are not...

As a person seeking out the Lord, Jesus (our freedom-fighter, in case you didn't realize it) says that not only does God listen, but He is actually waiting for your communication!

Yes, God waits to hear from you, as a father expecting communication from his son/daughter!

He's not going to force you:

  • you do so freely, as a free person
  • neither wants you to be forced by anyone or any system of religion
  •  He waits for a heartfelt communication, as demonstrated by a young man called Jesus.
  • No "bells or whistles" just say it from the heart as you would confide to a good friend...
Let's start:

"Father, I know you are expecting contact from me, so here I am...
Lord, come into my heart as you did with Jesus when he prayed to you.

Set me free from the challenges of the world; I know I will face plenty of them today, but I also know that I am blessed for knowing that you are listening to me, sensing the desire of my beating heart to live a life of inner peace while I take on the challenges of the world...

I know I am blessed and I walk in wisdom when you are watching over me; I shall journey into the world knowing that you walk with me, nourishing me like a tree planted by a stream, always being nourished by your living Spirit.

My challenges (and my 'challengers') have been pushed aside by you Lord, my journey flourishes. Inexplicably my journey prospers because your Hand is upon it.

My streets are no longer narrow, but broad. You've opened up a huge path before me; the obstacles are brushed aside, my enemies stand on the sidelines baffled by my progress...

But my mind is not on pride from my victories, no; instead, I express my gratitude toward you Lord for opening my heart, and letting me into your Spirit-filled love, as a loving father to His son/daughter..."

(by GM Evagrius)